November 27th, 2012

Fairy Dust


“Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.”

Well, friends, when I first took this picture, I had intended to write to you about how maybe when Alice finds herself stuck in a rabbit hole, she needs to seek out new heroes. And what better hero to lift you out of a hole than one who can fly? But now I’m torn, dear friends, for it turns out that freebird Peter was something of a fool. I fear that for too long, I’ve been under Peter’s attractive spell. I embraced his tenacity, his bravado, and, of course, his mission to never grow up. So, I decided to read his story with my open, not-grown-up eyes to see what lessons he had for this little Alice.

And here’s what I’ve learned thus far: Wendy was the talent! Peter came to Wendy (not the other way around), because she could tell stories and sew on his careless shadow. She was a shiny commodity to show off to his lost boys, and he took credit for whatever she did. And let’s not forget that he couldn’t even fly without Tinkerbell’s fairy dust. Sure, he had youth and confidence on his side, but with it came reckless, irresponsible behavior and a lack of concern for the women who supported him. So….perhaps I’ve misread the tale all along. Perhaps Peter Pan is actually a cautionary, feminist text? And while at first disappointed in my former inspiration, perhaps I have found a new hero.

Here’s to Wendy & Tinkerbell!

Let’s fly!

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November 11th, 2012

The Writing on the Wrists


When all else fails, I can generally rely on my wrists to tell me where to go. As my last post indicated, on game days they lead me home and straight into the Suns arena. But on non-game days, I require added inspiration. Sometimes they tell me that there’s no sleep til Brooklyn. Sometimes they tell me to join my brother in Collective Los Angeles.wrists2

Sometimes I let Marc Jacobs remind me that veritas inlustrat (truth enlightens), or I let Cartel remind me where I can get the best cup of coffee in town.

But my current favorite: the pink Kate Spade bangle from the top left photo. It says “Toutes les filles sont folles.”

Google it.

Live it.

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October 31st, 2012

Let It Shine


I knew I came home for a reason. The season has officially started. I’ve thrown in some purple & orange hair extensions, and I’m finally in a city where I don’t look like a complete clown on game days. Well…..maybe. But it’s game time, y’all, so I don’t care! Purple & orange for the win! And for many months to come….



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October 21st, 2012

Falling in the Sun


Life, it seems, is different on this side. The leaves don’t change. The breeze doesn’t chill. And fall fashion is something of a store-displayed myth. I purchased my obligatory wool items in the hopes that I could recreate a life I once loved, but as the sun continues to shine, perhaps I must accept the truth of my newfound glow. So, the glitter of the Miu Miu sandals sparkles into October. But, as it’s fall, I’ll throw in a twist: I’ll play with pattern.


Temperature demands that the sleeves stay short, but I’ll mix up the plaids and dots and camos and animal prints with reckless abandon. Just because I’ve welcomed a little warmth into my seasonal spell, it’s doesn’t mean I can’t still fall for the magic of this heavier time of year.

And it doesn’t end at pattern-mixing. Everything gets a little messier in the fall, kiddos. The hair gets pulled back, and the flaws become the strengths. I embrace the breakdown within the fall. It becomes… thing.


So, despite the brightness of the light, the ambiguity of this transitional time settles in. Patterns get mixed up, persona gets messy, and a dash of glitter gets thrown in. It’s my first sunny fall in 15 years. Forgive me, friends, if it’s a little confusing.

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October 10th, 2012

Still Chuckin’


Those of you who are my Facebook friends or who follow me on twitter @twoellerachel will note that my freedom from long hours on a sales floor has me flaunting my ability to wear heels. However, please do not be alarmed. My closet floor, aka the star players (pun somewhat intended) in daily rotation, still looks like this. Yes, I’m enjoying some newfound friends, but my heart forever belongs to CT.

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