March 13th, 2014

Weird….for a Day


Because everyone is talking about South by Southwest, I suppose I’ll share my tales from that ONE DAY my mom and I explored Austin during our Texas trip. Sure, we had very limited time (like we didn’t even stay over night), but I’m pretty sure I hit Austin’s best and brightest.


We started our Austin day with Juiceland. It came highly recommended by a friend who knows that I run on 2 things: protein-enhanced, immunity-boosting beverages and coffee. She was spot-on. Juiceland was perfection.

For coffee, I recommend this place:


Juan Pelota. I’m now convinced that I have an internal GPS for hipster coffeeshops. I found this place on my own, and when I saw their sign, I knew it was home. They have a custom-painted baby blue espresso machine, they use Stumptown, and the barista had spent time at both Crema and Barista Parlor, proving that the hipster coffee scene knows no city limits. If I lived in Austin, I would live at Juan Pelota.


For food, we found Gourdough’s gourmet donut truck. Pure indulgence.

Valentines Day was the next day, and I feasted on leftover Gourdough’s Blue Balls:


I mean, you can’t make this stuff up, which is why Austin is kept weird and why I had to buy a shirt that says so:


Happy South by Southwest times, bunnies!

I think keeping it weird is a decent policy, and I’m going to keep following the advice of the Kate Spade key chain that kept my car going on that very long, weird day:


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February 18th, 2014

I Took My Hearts To Texas



So, here’s the thing: I pack wisely. I knew that it would be 30 degrees some days and 90 degrees others. I also knew that Valentines Day would happen. And I also have a need to be both prepared and on-theme. So…..I packed ONLY heart-related wardrobe pieces.

It was Valentines Day on this day:


{Crewcuts sweater, Nike shoes, Tarina Tarantino, Marc Jacobs, and Alex & Ani on wrist}

Or maybe it was Valentines Day on this day:


{all Marc Jacobs except the heart necklace from my grandma}

I even brought heart-themed cosmetics:


At least I wasn’t the only one ODing on love:


Who cares what holiday it is? Travel with your hearts, kids!

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February 16th, 2014

Travel by Twoelle


 If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@twoellerachel), you know that my mom and I have taken off to Texas. We’re visiting family, so most of it is private, but I’m happy to guide you through what travel means to me and what I wear while doing it.

Here is travel by twoelle made simple:


You arm yourself with what I refer to as Dr. Marten warrior boots (because, duh, warriors wear purple boots with tiny flowers on them). You stop at the Cartel in the Phoenix airport for a last taste. [The Phoenix airport has filled itself with quite the assortment of local businesses, a move that pleases me greatly, but that’s a story for another time.] You toss Tweed Bunny in your carry-on. And you wear as many non-metal lucky wrist charms as you can.

My family lives in a small town outside of San Antonio. We spend most of our time there, but I did discover this local (pun obviously intended) San Antonio coffeeshop:


I bought the mug.

I love the font.

And their sign is everything:


While not in San Antonio, however, I was fueled by my very own, pack-it-in-your-suitcase Nespresso machine:


Oh, and although it has nothing to do with coffee (which seems to be the underlying message in the “how to travel like Rachel” category), my cousin did get me hooked on this Texas delicacy:


Oh, yes, kids. That is shaved ice, LOTS of lemon juice, pickles, and a red chili sauce. Don’t ask. It is amazing.




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June 29th, 2011



Need we say more?

The long-awaited day is here! Bensimons have taken to the 2L stage. And Rachel already claimed a pair of apple green (their official color name is “pomme”) ballerina flats for herself, so you should probably get here soon before she grabs more.

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And P.S. we’re loving the French words that now adorn our chalkboards. Bensimon is making us pretty and teaching us, too!

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June 3rd, 2010



Mother Cheryl has been warming our hearts for years now, but we were tickled pink when she thought of us for Sam’s 50s Sock Hop footwear. Now that his feet are big enough to fill the slate blue hi-tops, he’s well on his way to becoming a classic rebel without a cause.

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