September 7th, 2010

My Chucks Went to the Pompidou


The Chucks belonging to Rachel and Littlest Lowe Adam pounded Parisian pavement this summer. Where did your Chucks take you?

Click on more photos to see what kind of adventures Rachel & Adam had, and email with your summer Chuckin’ adventures so that we can feature them here!

And P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for taking me to Paris and joining me for all those late-night gelato walks! xoxo, rachel

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July 21st, 2010

My Chucks Beat the Heat


Nashville, the summer sun is blazing down upon us, and as brother Danny told Rachel, “It’s too hot for heels.” True, Danny, but what’s a fashionista to do? Well, when all else fails, friends, turn to the Chuck. A classic low-top Chuck Taylor is the perfect summertime solution for all you boys and girls out there. Rachel is staying mellow in yellow. What about you?

And speaking of a “beat” (sorry, we can never pass up a good pun), long-time 2L friend & fan Zach Hoffman will take to the 2L drums this Saturday night at 8 PM at our acoustic Lazar Lazar show. Be there in Chucks!

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June 18th, 2010

Dads Love Chucks


Many a father has regaled us with a story of yester-year, a story of when he was a youngster who wore Chuck Taylor hi-tops for his boyhood basketball games. We picture something like Danny Zucko in Grease when such stories are told, but why not encourage our dear old dads to relive their glory days? A brand new pair of boyhood Chucks could be just the trip down memory lane that dad needs this Father’s Day.

And, as always, I love you, Dad, more than all the colors in my chuckin’ rainbow! xoxo, rachel

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May 5th, 2010

Moms Love Chucks


A mom of any age and any style could benefit from the addition of some classic chucks to her wardrobe. Rachel went the extra mile this Mother’s Day and customized her mom’s golden glow chucks. You should probably do the same.

And while you’re in the giving mood, do think about our friends in need during this devastating time for our city. We’ll be accepting donations for flood victims so that we can all join together to rebuild. We’ll give you more updates as they develop, but bring any clothes you’d like to donate to the store, and check up with us on twitter @twoellerabbits.

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March 27th, 2010

3 Simple Steps . . .


. . . to dressing like Rachel Lowe:

1. Steven Alan plaid button down.

2. Converse Chuck Taylors. Any color.

3. Tarina Tarantino accessories. As many as possible.

It’s a simple formula, friends.

And it also works for boys…although we’d suggest skipping Step 3. Steven Alan + Chucks, however, should be everyone’s uniform for spring!

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