September 3rd, 2012

Labor Is For Suckers


As the sun sets on this summer season, we greet the days that will no longer suck….seersuck, for starters. This summer has shown me more sunlight than any of the past 15, and, as such, I’ve embraced americana and sunshiney trends. But today is Labor Day, so I’m wearing seersucker for the last time. It’s been swell, Arizona, basking in your hometown glow and learning to explore lighter sides of myself. You’ve shown me some tricks and some treats, but, most importantly, you’ve given me a moment to breathe. However, Labor Day sounds an ominous toll. School’s in session, suckers. Even though it’s still very much in the 100s here in the Valley of the Sun, I’m ready for the shade, I’m ready for the layers, and, with a bit of a sigh, I’m ready to work.

Sayonara, suckers.


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