June 27th, 2012

Fairy Dust


“Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.”

Well, friends, when I first took this picture, I had intended to write to you about how maybe when Alice finds herself stuck in a rabbit hole, she needs to seek out new heroes. And what better hero to lift you out of a hole than one who can fly? But now I’m torn, dear friends, for it turns out that freebird Peter was something of a fool. I fear that for too long, I’ve been under Peter’s attractive spell. I embraced his tenacity, his bravado, and, of course, his mission to never grow up. So, I decided to read his story with my open, not-grown-up eyes to see what lessons he had for this little Alice.

And here’s what I’ve learned thus far: Wendy was the talent! Peter came to Wendy (not the other way around), because she could tell stories and sew on his careless shadow. She was a shiny commodity to show off to his lost boys, and he took credit for whatever she did. And let’s not forget that he couldn’t even fly without Tinkerbell’s fairy dust. Sure, he had youth and confidence on his side, but with it came reckless, irresponsible behavior and a lack of concern for the women who supported him. So….perhaps I’ve misread the tale all along. Perhaps Peter Pan is actually a cautionary, feminist text? And while at first disappointed in my former inspiration, perhaps I have found a new hero.

Here’s to Wendy & Tinkerbell!

Let’s fly!

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June 3rd, 2012

Hey, June


It’s a new month, so, in keeping with my mission of rebirth, I’m embracing the new. I’m wearing a Nars lipstick called New Lover. My nails are painted a new peachy orange, Chanel’s June color-of-the month. I’m exploring new coffeeshops in town (J’adore & bonne chance, Frothy Monkey; Hava Java, you know I’ll never quit you). But most importantly, Brother Mikey (as he’s listed in my phone) has adopted 2 new baby brother kittens.


Welcome to June, new friends. I’m not quite ready to embrace an “out with the old” philosophy, but I will, at the very least, find room in my heart and my wardrobe for “the new.”

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