October 28th, 2011

Our Trends Take Flight


Oh, Nashville, we’ve noticed an undeniable truth: we are perpetually ahead of the trends. We were, for example, selling Pan Am bags back in 2008, long before Christina Ricci was a 90-pound flight attendant on ABC. Right now, we’re all about casual, cozy, and conscientious: soft sweatshirts (the more of an 80s/90s tribute, the better) and fashion that serves a global function. And for those of you on the Pan Am kick (as we still are with our 60s-inspired Emily & Fin dresses), we have some lingering Pan Am notecards. Yes, we’re all about the classics, and if handwriting someone a card isn’t a nod to times past, then we don’t know what is!

And speaking of television shows, here’s a little-known fact: when not trend-spotting, Rachel’s eyes are glued to the tube. Her fashion may be found here in our rabbit hole, but her TV musings are found at goodnightwonderland.tumblr.com.

So, come fly our friendly skies. We’ll always keep you within a few years of what’s happening live.

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October 23rd, 2011

Go Large Or Go Home


Here’s what, Nashville: we’re trying to make sure that your holidays are the happiest by keeping you well-informed. You know how you love our Nashville tees and were planning to give them to all your loved ones as easy, $30 holiday gifts? Well, if your mission is “at large,” then you need to move swiftly. We have very few larges left, and we won’t be getting more before the holidays. So…..buy now. And don’t say we’re not looking out for you.

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October 22nd, 2011

A Love(bird) Story


Maybe it’s Betsy & Iya with their love-themed jewels. Or maybe it’s the wedding love mix we’re currently playing in the store courtesy of one Ryan O’Connor (who ate his feelings on our stage and then with Oprah last year). Or maybe it’s that gentle chill in the air that makes us want to cozy up to loved ones. Regardless of the reason why, it feels like a love story over here at two elle. And making that love story even sweeter is our newest addition to the family, one Sara B. She has felt like family since her days of making us lattes at Frothy Monkey, but we’ve finally made it official. In addition to being a fabulous makeup artist, this honeybee is now officially a bunny.

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October 7th, 2011

Per Your Vote


Well, you said it, Nashville. According to The Scene’s annual Readers Poll, we’re one of the top 3 places to buy a guy a gift. Given this recent delivery of Good & Fair boxers, we’d have to agree. As you know, we’ve been trying to save the world with the clothes we wear (remember our FEED bags and scarves?), and, as such, these boxers are produced by fair trade and with organic cotton. We have a limited supply of them, so we suggest putting together a little holiday pack now (perhaps in a FEED bag? Or coupled with a Good & Fair organic cotton tee?). And don’t worry, ladies; we’re keeping you good & fair, too. Just click on More Pictures.

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