August 22nd, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something….Purple?


Friends, it seems like we’re all packing up for something these days. Most of you are preparing to head back to school or off in search of a change in scenery, but Rachel is packing her bags for the upcoming nuptials of one Mandi Roo (yes, her name is Amanda, but we choose to disregard such formalities). Roo wandered into Rachel’s life 2 days before 12South opened, and she’s been standing by her side ever since. It will undoubtably bring tears to her eyes when it’s finally time to hand her off, but at least she’ll be fully prepared with a bunny backpack stocked with kleenex. So, throw on an Emily & Fin party dress and fill your bunny pack with supplies, because a change is in the air. And dearest, darlingest Mandi Roo, no matter what your name is or where you hop off to, you’ll always be a 2L bunny!

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August 16th, 2011

Something Old, Something New


Well, it’s that time of year again, Nashville. We’ve been through many years with The Scene’s annual Best of Nashville Reader’s Poll, and you’ve shown us lots of sometimes appropriate and sometimes bizarre love. In 2007, you named us the Best New Retail when we were the new kids on the 12South block, and the praise didn’t stop there. We’ve been everything from Best Men’s and Best Women’s Boutique to Best Place to Meet Single Women AND Best Place to Meet Single Men. Last year, we made a play for Best Place to Shoot Pool, but, alas, no such luck. So, here’s what Nashville: this year we’re trying a new approach. There are a lot of local faves asking for and worthy of your vote, but we’re no longer campaigning. We’re just going to give you the tools:

Go there. Exercise your freedom of choice. Sing the praise of all the local businesses that make up this community we call home (we’d list our favorites here, but instead we’re just going to go vote!). And who knows! Maybe, come October, we’ll celebrate together by clearing off that pool table and letting it fulfill its purpose in life.

So, that’s the 2011 campaign, Nashville: freedom of choice.


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August 2nd, 2011

Back-to-School: Our New Favorite Holiday


Sure, at some point in here we’ve probably claimed that Black Friday is our favorite holiday, but here’s what, Nashville: Tax-Free Weekend celebrates shopping AND school! It is therefore our ultimate favorite holiday. Starting this Friday and running until Sunday night, you won’t pay any sales tax on apparel under $100. And unlike our friends and neighbors, we offer you ONLY apparel under $100, so everything in the store is tax-free. And yes, of course we have Nashville and bunny shirts in new colors to celebrate the holiday. And yes, of course we have summer items on sale. And yes, of course our A/C is cranked up. And yes, of course we printed bunnies on backpacks.

See you this weekend!

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