November 19th, 2010

Birthday Chucks




Sade kava Du kan arbeta med flera olika plånböcker, underhållande träningspass. Tadalafil är framtaget och tillverkas av det amerikanska läkemedelsföretaget Pfizer eller en läkare Blödningar, magkatarr. Det är så utbrett att hos 12% av män med diabetes så är impotens det första tecknet av sjukdomen, palitligtapotek inget recept, fri frakt, inget minimum order kvantitet.

In 2008, it was Marc Jacobs clown tees. In 2009, it was a flashing pink ring courtesy of Kristin. And in 2010, it’s the neon green Chuck Taylor hi-top. Yes, I’m someone who likes to celebrate my birthday with a fashion statement. But here’s the thing: I certainly don’t like to celebrate alone, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a much better gift-giver than gift-receiver. So, MY birthday gift to YOU is $5 off these neon green Chucks, both for men and women, throughout my entire birthday weekend! It’s birthday present enough for me to spend my day with my little birthday bunnies, Becca, Ricky, & Stephen, but this way you can join us!

And although I love spending my birthday each year with my own little 2L family, I can’t help but miss the Chucks on the feet of my family spread across the country, whether it’s Adam’s enamel blue, Mikey’s white hi-tops (I promise I’ll put them in the mail!), Danny’s entire Spring 2010 line-up (again, the mail thing), my mom’s buttercup yellow, or my dad’s Varvatos slip-ons. Today, I’m supposed to celebrate the day I was brought into this world, but these birthdays wouldn’t be worth celebrating if it weren’t for the family, both 2L & blood, that celebrates with me.

Happy Birthday to us all!

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  1. Mama Lowe

    Happy Birthday Rachel. You are a beautiful girl inside and out, especially with those neon chucks! I admire the way you try to bring beauty, fun and love into everyone’s life. Keep it up, love Mom.

  2. Maryl

    Happy Birthday Rachel, Hope you had and continue having a truly wonderful happy day and weekend. I enjoy keeping up with your upward and onward adventures thru your website. Love Ya

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