July 21st, 2010

My Chucks Beat the Heat


Nashville, the summer sun is blazing down upon us, and as brother Danny told Rachel, “It’s too hot for heels.” True, Danny, but what’s a fashionista to do? Well, when all else fails, friends, turn to the Chuck. A classic low-top Chuck Taylor is the perfect summertime solution for all you boys and girls out there. Rachel is staying mellow in yellow. What about you?

And speaking of a “beat” (sorry, we can never pass up a good pun), long-time 2L friend & fan Zach Hoffman will take to the 2L drums this Saturday night at 8 PM at our acoustic Lazar Lazar show. Be there in Chucks!

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July 16th, 2010

Not Afraid to Cut


Unless you’ve been summering with the Amish, you know that Rachel’s long locks are so 2009. Clearly she’s a girl who isn’t afraid to cut, and word on the street is that she’s applying that same free spirit to the price cuts on the summer sale. Come see how low she’ll go….

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July 10th, 2010

Steal His Shirt


When Danny and our model friend Salome Steinmann got together for an impromptu photo shoot, they both went straight to the same Steven Alan shirt. It’s Danny’s favorite summer shirt, and Salome didn’t mind stealing it from him. So, boys & girls, feel free to share with each other! Steven Alan button downs are the perfect token of generosity, whether you’re buying them for yourself or for the boy you hope to steal them from!

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July 9th, 2010

More Than Just a Louis Vuitton Bag


Friends, we’ve observed the requisite mourning period, and we’re now ready to talk about it.

This week on Top Chef, our dear Arnold Myint met an untimely elimination. After yelling at our television, we contented ourselves with the fact that Arnold did exactly what he had set out to do. He added panache and a hint of Myint to every challenge he faced, never compromised himself, took home a challenge victory, and surely proved that he is “more than just a Louis Vuitton bag.” And here’s the best part: even though he’s packed his Louis knife bag, we can still keep him in the game. For the time being, we can make like Tom & Padma and visit PM, Cha Chah, and Suzy Wong’s to judge for ourselves. Then, when the time comes to vote for Fan Favorite, we can all rally behind Arnold to make him the fan’s choice.

You’ll always be our top chef, Arnold!!!


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July 4th, 2010

Independence Is For Suckers…


… Seersuckers, that is. Nothing screams of summertime Americana the way a little seersucker does, and luckily Steven Alan has provided us with seersucker for boys and girls. In classic 2L fashion, our mannequins needed to add a little rock & roll to their 4th of July get-ups this year with their Wildfox “It’s Only Rock & Roll” tee and 2L-exclusive “The Suspenders” tee. And here’s a little Americana insider info for you: “The Suspenders” tee was designed in honor of our very own Top Chef favorite, Arnold Myint….and we only have a few left.

And finally, on this day that celebrates independence, I just want to take a moment to comment on dependence. Last night, while Ryan O’Connor “ate his feelings” on the 2L stage, I was surrounded by my all-star team, the team I’ve always been able to depend on. Ricky, Stephen, Becca, Kristin, and Ben, this 4th of July is for you in honor of all the times you’ve stood beside me on this journey through wonderland! xoxo, rachel

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