December 31st, 2009

Resolution: Remember What’s Important


Friends, I’m writing today, as I sometimes do on special occasions in the first person, as it’s time to ring in the new year. I could write to you about the sales we’re having or about the perfect New Year’s Eve dress (it’s the Modern Amusement Lou Lou dress, btw), but instead, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on our most exciting and exhausting year yet. 2009 will of course be remembered as the Hill Center year for us. Our Hill Center grand opening was one of the most monumental experiences of my life, and I had all of you there, standing by my side, to share in it. Any of you who know me well, however, know that the monumental is never as significant to me as the little things. And 2009 was a year full of lots of little things. It was the year that brought us Ricky. It was also the year that Ellie left. It was the year that Amanda went off to New York. It was also the year that she came back. It was the year that Stephen reclaimed his post as my Saturday right-hand-man. It was also the year that Kristin joined our family in an official capacity. It was the year that I had to say goodbye to Frothy Monkey as my local coffeeshop but took a piece of them with me in the form of Becca. It was the year that my family spent more time in Nashville than they surely ever imagined as they joined me in this giant leap of faith. It was a year of music; Britten, Pico vs. Island Trees, Kopecky Family Band, Laura Sweeney, and Newmatic have all graced our stage. It was a year of adventure and discovery, and, as I examined my desktop for a picture that captured my 2009, I came across this one that littlest brother Adam sent me of the pair of chucks that got him through his first semester at RISD. These star players were our 2009. They’re tattered and covered in the marks of fresh starts and creativity, but they still sparkle as only a true classic can.

Thanks for 2009, everyone. See you next year!



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December 26th, 2009

While Supplies Last…


Friends, we have learned the following:

1. We love chucks. All chucks.

2. You love chucks, too. All chucks.

As such, our once-fully-stocked rainbow of Converse is beginning to sell out! The navy extra hi tops have sold out, as have the gold ones. We only have one pair of neon green left, and our stock of sequin snow leopard is seriously low. As the year winds down and more gifts are given, your favorites could be the next to go. So, if ever you were considering a piece of our rainbow, we suggest you act now….while supplies last.

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December 21st, 2009

The Super Gift


How could we forget the gift that stares us in the face everyday? The Retro Super Future and Rubber Duck sunglasses are unisex, and, with every color of the rainbow available, they’re sure to brighten up anyone’s gloomy winter. Plus, you can pair them with these new Wildfox unisex zodiac t-shirts. Each shirt has its sign’s symbol on it and a short description of how that person tends to behave. Rachel’s Aquarius shirt, for instance, says “my way or the highway.” No comment yet on how accurate the shirts are….

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December 19th, 2009

Gift Idea #348


Stumped about what to get her? Luckily, Orla Kiely is here to help out. We received the newest line early, so you can get the newest Orla styles before 2010 strikes! And not only is it a new multi stem print, but Orla has outdone herself with new shapes, too. ¬†There’s a baby-changing bag that comes with its own changing mat, a laptop cover, and a larger bag she’s called the “busy lizzie,” because it has enough pockets and zippers to accommodate even the busiest of you. And we threw in a picture of the always-lovely patent bag for good measure! We’ve also set up gift stations at the store with complete sets of Orla wallets, cosmetic bags, and handbags.

And if Orla isn’t your bag, we have plenty of other gift ideas in our little heads. Perhaps the newest Tarina Tarantino Alice in Wonderland jewels? Or maybe a Built by Wendy guitar strap? Or go classic with his & hers Steven Alan button-downs? Or pamper him with Steven Alan flannel lounge pants? Yep. We’re full of ideas.

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December 16th, 2009

Hill Center for the Holidays


This Sunday, our neighborhood kids (aka daughters of Snap & Popo) graced us with a drum solo, warming our hearts with the spirit of community and reminding us of a movement we like to call “SHOP LOCAL.”

We’ve always believed in supporting our local businesses, especially at the holidays, but in our new Hill Center location one-stop shopping really is possible for all your holiday needs.

Does she love Bond No. 9 perfumes (like Rachel does)? Cosmetic Market has them!

Is there a little girl in your life who needs a tutu? Snap has them!

Do you like shopping for toys regardless of your age? We recommend Popo.

Want to give your home a gift that’ll last beyond the holiday season? Absolutely go to Mitchell Gold.

Oooh, and if you really want a treat (that will absolutely not last beyond the holiday season), we say visit Provence. Rachel & Ricky like to pair the caramel tart with their americanos. And on healthier days, Rachel & Stephen visit Whole Foods for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Basically, what we’re saying is that the Hill Center has everything you need to get you through the holidays.

And make sure to check in with us on twitter @twoellerabbits, because we’re still receiving holiday shipments, and @twoellefrank may have some special offers for you, too!

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