January 11th, 2014

Sleeping Bella


Look, I just did a 10-season Friends marathon over the holidays, so maybe Ross has shouted, “We were on a break!” one too many times, but I can’t help but agree. I’ve been on a break. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be a break-up or a break-down per se; it’s just a break. As such, I have my fairytale muses all mixed up, but given that my favorite purchase for my new home was this Ikea children’s bed that I put in my backyard, I’d say I’ve become more Sleeping Beauty than wandering Alice.

For awhile now, I’ve been saying that I’m having a post-fashion moment, but the beauty of fashion is that it takes all kinds of superheroes, and it will adapt and find you in your moment, even if you’re curled up in your colorful Anthropologie blanket, slowly sipping your french press coffee hoping it will stir you to the next adventure. But I’ve always said that the adventure is in the journey itself, so I will wait no longer. I will embrace this moment for what it is and reveal to you my current wardrobe: SLEEP MEETS STREET. There are a lot of sweats, but in my defense, both the sweatshirts and the sweatpants are shrunken and fitted. However, if I hit a bag lady moment where I’m more Evil Queen delivering an apple than pretty princess napping, I hope you won’t hold it against me. For now, there’s been this:

wildfox and kate

An old Wildfox tee plus J.crew cardigan. The Kate Spade donut sweatshirt from Fall13 with a paisley button down.


This Free City “I Love You” sweatshirt that is as soft as it is darling and makes me wish I owned everything Free City makes (spoiler alert: Free City isn’t exactly priced for a Sleeping Beauty salary).


And my favorite: the Current/Elliott snow leopard sweatpants. A little bit sleep. A little bit street. Just the way I like it.

In an equally triumphant moment, the girls behind Current/Elliott have developed a line called Emily & Meritt for Pottery Barn Teen. It is brilliant and has my indoor Sleeping Beauty chamber looking like this:


So, I like a world where every bella gets a prefix. You met me as a bouncing bunny bella, but then I took a break. I traded in my bounce for a nap until I met an Isa-bella. What Isabella reminded me is that while my story may not be “conventional,” it is special to those who get it. And I like those! The beauty of the fairytale is that any kind of Jack and any kind of Jill can find a happy ending….even if they take a little nap in the middle. Perhaps the nap can even be helpful. Truly, how else would Alice have gotten to Wonderland or Dorothy to Oz? A bella needs her sleep to conjure her big adventures!

So, maybe Sleeping Beauty wasn’t cursed. Maybe she was just a dreamer.

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January 14th, 2010

Where Do Your Chucks Take You?


Rachel’s Journey to the Sunshine:

Last week, my chucks took me home to Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. While Nashville was suffering its worst snow storm yet (what was it? 3 inches of snow?), my brother Mikey and I walked the Mexican tiles of our front yard to snap some pictures of cacti and blue skies. We were on a mission to capture the beauty and spirit of those sunny days, and we then sent those photos to Kristin. Now, whether or not we did this to make her jealous or to warm her heart is entirely unclear, but one thing is certain: a journey home in January is so much sweeter when your home is Arizona.

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November 13th, 2009

Tonight is Z Night


Like all little bunniez out there, 2L bunniez get thirsty. Well, az of tonight, when in nyc, we’ll have a place to find all z best drink specialz in town. We juzt have to vizit:


to find our zpot for the night. And if any of our bunny buddiez are in the city tonight, be sure to join the Zdrinks crowd at their launch party at sideBAR from 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Happy Friday, bunniez. Make it a Z night!

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August 20th, 2009

Missed Us?


Miss visiting the little generic cialis 10mg house on 12th to discover all your favorite things? We know! We miss 12th, too! But, friends, come visit the new Hill Center store!

4025 Hillsboro Pike, suite 505

Monday – Saturday 10-7

Sunday 11-6

We’re starting to supplement the colors of summer with the plaids of fall, so come discover new favorites in our new home. Maybe we’ll even snap some pics of you in the new 2L if you find a favorite fall ensemble….

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July 10th, 2009

If You Build It, They Will Come


Friends, it’s a virtual garage sale at the 12South store! Not only are there amazing deals on the clothing and shoes, but our home goods have also been marked down, and even the furniture is for sale!


And the big news is that we’ll now be open all 7 days of the week. We’ll be bringing you deals & steals Monday-Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 12-5 for the rest of the month!


Oh, and p.s. Britten was brilliant.

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