February 1st, 2011

Love Month Begins


What better way to kick off a month dedicated to love than with our very own Ricky Braddy’s birthday? Ricky sings his way into America’s hearts, but to us he’s so much more. Come by today to tell him just how much you love him, and we’ll be doing the same!

It’s February 1, Nashville: a day for Ricky and a day to start showing your love.


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January 7th, 2011

We OWN Friday Nights


Friends, the night our dear friend Ryan has dreamed of is finally here! After years of hard work and a one-man-show, Ryan O’Connor Eats His Feelings, that graced our very own 2L stage, tonight marks the first episode of Your OWN Show, a competition on Oprah’s new network to host your own television talk show. We know that Ryan was born to do this, and we hope America joins us in welcoming him into our homes every Friday night. If you’re in Nashville, Oprah’s network is Channel 103, so gather around the TV tonight and watch Ryan be the star we’ve always known him to be!

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December 24th, 2010

From Our Family. . . .


. . . to yours!

It’s been a brilliant holiday season for all of us. We watched and listened to what you wanted, and we brought it to you to share with your loved ones. We’ll continue coming up with gifts for you and yours year-round, but for the time being we hope you have as much fun giving your gifts as we’ve had bringing them to you.

Happy holidays!


Rachel, Ricky, Stephen, Becca, Bowery (in his new 2L dog tee), & the now-famous Owl Tee

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September 27th, 2010

American Classique



When I was in Paris, I stumbled upon the occasional Starbucks. Now, as you know, j’adore the notion of lingering over a latte with my loved ones, but sometimes a girl needs to drink on the go. For the most part, I reveled in the fact that to-go cups were a foreign concept to everyone (other than the little creperie across the street from my hotel that gave me a piping hot espresso in a tiny paper cup). Starbucks, of course, had to-go cups galore, so if I wanted to keep my family moving through the museums, I’d slip into a Parisian Starbucks to fuel the venture. Inside, they looked like any Starbucks throughout America, but some of the names had changed. For example, I was no longer an Americano; I was an “American Classique.”

Today, as fall rustles through leaves that threaten to change, I feel as classic as ever. I’ve borrowed some stripes from Paris but coupled them with my American classic: the charcoal hi-top chuck. It may have taken a little globe-trotting to discover that the classics actually reside in my own backyard, and I may be adding a little pumpkin spice to my latte (thanks, Frothy Monkey!), but the truth remains: I am an American classic.

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September 18th, 2010

Today I Wear White


On a white day, we take a moment for quiet reflection. We think of the times that have passed and those that are still to come. We cleanse, we purify, and we seek to do better than we’ve done.

For me, a day of white reflection brings me closer to my family. In a time of twists and turns, I am blessed with a family whose love and support is constant and strong. I built this wonderland to bring joy to my fellow travelers, and I am so pleased that my family has given me the opportunity to share that joy with them. Likewise, this has been a year in which a dream team emerged in the 2L staff. Stephen, Ricky, and Becca make work days a pleasure and keep me from taking days off simply because I want to see them. Thank you, day of white, for reminding me who my loved ones are, what my wonderland is, and how to find my smile everyday.

Today, I wear white.

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