December 11th, 2011

Sunday B & B


As we prepare to Bid our aBode farewell, we’re going Back to Basics. With But 2 weeks left Before goodBye, I’m engaging in my own celebration of my favorite things. This Sunday celebrates my favorites in a classic B&B: Books & Becca.

As the road Begins to Bend, we Better appreciate our Basics. For me, Books have always functioned as something of a Ballet Barre. They Bring me Back. They remind me who I am. And they show me the way to move on. Becca, a Balanced combination of Beauty and Brains, has Begun to function like a Ballet Barre herself. Although she entered my life as a Barista, her powers of inspiration and compassion far exceed anything a soy latte could conjure. This journey would Be significantly less meaningful and less personally successful without this B standing By my side, encouraging me to Be Brave and Be Better. In short, Becca has Become a Basic.

So, this Sunday, join us in celebrating the Basics that make Two Elle what it is. You can Buy the Books, but noBody’s taking my lil B!

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December 1st, 2011

What’s Yours?


With one month left, it seems only appropriate that we begin a little two elle retrospective, but this time we want your help.

Our Good & Fair t-shirts (still great holiday gifts and now on sale. just sayin.) beg us to remember that there’s a story behind every wardrobe, and we couldn’t agree more. My story plucked me out of Manhattan and set me here in Nashville. It plunged me down a rabbit hole and began the journey that you’ve all been a part of with me. This journey, while thrilling, took me away from the worlds I knew and asked me to create a new one. I’ve missed a best friend’s wedding, and I’ll miss another in a week. I’ve sold clothes for 10 out of my last 15 Christmas Eves, and I’ll do so one last time for you. With the sacrifices, however, came great joys. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to dream. I’ve turned a white box into a wonderland. I’ve found a staff that makes it so that I can’t take a day off, because I don’t want to miss a day of their company. And, of course, I’ve created the bunny and Nashville shirts that are now filling my closet.

So, here’s what, bunny lovers: SHOW US YOUR TWO ELLE! Send pics of your faves to with perhaps a couple choice words, and your story will be added to ours.

You’ve been listening to ours for all these years, but now we want to share yours! TELL US YOUR STORY!

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November 24th, 2011

Home for the Holidays



When I set out on this journey, I knew that I was building something, but I’ve come to learn that instead of building a clothing store per se, I was building a home. What I’ve help me write my essay realized since announcing the closing is that this wasn’t just a home for me. Today, I give thanks that I was able to build a home for you, too. You’ve all helped me realize in this past week that far greater than the loss of a clothing store is the loss of a place we came to call home.

The staff that stands with me today came from various places (ok, 1 from American Idol and 2 from Frothy Monkey), but I’m so thankful that this is the home they settled in. Sometimes you hire people because you need to fill a time slot or because they’re “right” for the job. And then sometimes you hire them because they beg you while they make you coffee or because they were on one of America’s most-watched television competitions. I can promise you, though, that I never anticipated that those 2 exceptions to the hiring rule would be the ones holding my hands at the finish line.

Ricky & I have spent the past week doing what we do best: blasting showtunes and prepping the store for the final sale that will launch tomorrow. There has been heavy lifting, heavy red-lining, a couple of tears, and a lot of laughs. That is the home that I’m thankful for, that is the home that I will be sad to leave behind, and that is the moment that I will take home with me. However, if life were only moments, then we’d never know we had one. Thank you for our moment, and let’s make it last until the end.


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October 28th, 2011

Our Trends Take Flight


Oh, Nashville, we’ve noticed an undeniable truth: we are perpetually ahead of the trends. We were, for example, selling Pan Am bags back in 2008, long before Christina Ricci was a 90-pound flight attendant on ABC. Right now, we’re all about casual, cozy, and conscientious: soft sweatshirts (the more of an 80s/90s tribute, the better) and fashion that serves a global function. And for those of you on the Pan Am kick (as we still are with our 60s-inspired Emily & Fin dresses), we have some lingering Pan Am notecards. Yes, we’re all about the classics, and if handwriting someone a card isn’t a nod to times past, then we don’t know what is!

And speaking of television shows, here’s a little-known fact: when not trend-spotting, Rachel’s eyes are glued to the tube. Her fashion may be found here in our rabbit hole, but her TV musings are found at

So, come fly our friendly skies. We’ll always keep you within a few years of what’s happening live.

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October 22nd, 2011

A Love(bird) Story


Maybe it’s Betsy & Iya with their love-themed jewels. Or maybe it’s the wedding love mix we’re currently playing in the store courtesy of one Ryan O’Connor (who ate his feelings on our stage and then with Oprah last year). Or maybe it’s that gentle chill in the air that makes us want to cozy up to loved ones. Regardless of the reason why, it feels like a love story over here at two elle. And making that love story even sweeter is our newest addition to the family, one Sara B. She has felt like family since her days of making us lattes at Frothy Monkey, but we’ve finally made it official. In addition to being a fabulous makeup artist, this honeybee is now officially a bunny.

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