September 3rd, 2012

Labor Is For Suckers


As the sun sets on this summer season, we greet the days that will no longer suck….seersuck, for starters. This summer has shown me more sunlight than any of the past 15, and, as such, I’ve embraced americana and sunshiney trends. But today is Labor Day, so I’m wearing seersucker for the last time. It’s been swell, Arizona, basking in your hometown glow and learning to explore lighter sides of myself. You’ve shown me some tricks and some treats, but, most importantly, you’ve given me a moment to breathe. However, Labor Day sounds an ominous toll. School’s in session, suckers. Even though it’s still very much in the 100s here in the Valley of the Sun, I’m ready for the shade, I’m ready for the layers, and, with a bit of a sigh, I’m ready to work.

Sayonara, suckers.


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August 21st, 2012

Believe It Or Not


I know, I know. It’s too soon. It’s still over 100 degrees outside, and we’ve added a touch of humidity, but sometimes a girl just can’t help herself. My favorite season has begun to reveal itself in my favorite places, and I’ll deny it no longer. I’m falling head over heels for the crew and their silly French hen.

hen21 whitedot

Yep, the touch of cashmere and the long-sleeve button-down is a bit of a health risk in this climate, but I’m nothing if not a risk-taker. I see you, J.Crew, and I’m ready to fall.

And maybe I was too quick to judge the notion of a Peter Pan….


P.S. Can we also please talk about the Kate Spade Garance Dore line????

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August 11th, 2012

Off to an Olympic Start


The 2012 Olympics were all about fashion. That may not be what you were hearing on NBC, but that’s definitely what you were reading if you follow me on twitter @twoellerachel (warning: there was a lot of talk about glittery Russian tears). I’ve become completely swept away by the Olympics, and what I lack in hair clips and tight buns, I’ve made up for in Olympic-inspired fashion. Gap (yep, you read that right) made it easy with these vintage Olympic logo tees. #TeamUSA

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July 31st, 2012

Here’s What: July


Well, the month opened with Danny’s birthday and ended with the launch of his new California-inspired clothing line, Collective Los Angeles. In between, however, I stopped sharing my experiences with you. So, because the pictures are more exciting than my thousand words, I’m going to take you on a brief visual journey through my July:


Tweed Bunny and I went on a road trip to Prescott, a town in Arizona north of Phoenix and usually cooler. I said “usually.” We didn’t have fun. We had gone for what we imagined would be rest, relaxation, solitude, and inspiration. Instead, we were met with a 4th of July parade in a very patriotic town. At the coffeeshop where I had hoped to hide away and pen the next great American novel, I asked the barista if it was always so busy.

“This is our busiest day of the year,” he responded.

“Just my luck,” I said. “I was hoping for a reclusive writer’s retreat.”

“Try New York.”

Perhaps he was well-versed in irony, or perhaps New York has changed significantly since I last wrote a check to ConEd, but suffice it to say the month was off to an exasperated start.

But that is the Chanel June color-of-the-month on my nails. Details.


Speaking of details, I’ve been liking the color blue lately. This is a new thing. And apparently I’m collecting fortunes where the 2L business cards used to reside.


Grace is settling in to the new apartment, and I’m making efforts to unpack. Yep, that’s your old friend, the pinball machine. The chair is Mitchell Gold, and the throw is Missoni for Target (and it’s a baby blanket).


I read a lot. And there’s been a lot of TV. And now the Olympics!


The J.Crew umbrella continues to serve me well. Madewell on the left. Crewcuts on the right.


I wear a lot of hats so that I don’t have to worry about my hair. Incidentally, I wear some version of patterned Current/Elliott jeans every other day, so get ready for those green polka dot friends or their mustard brother or their plaid cousin to show up again.


I thought that I had lost all (ok, that’s half) of my sunglasses in the move. Grace found them.


We get a lot of haboobs here. Is that the plural of “haboob”? I feel like it should be “habi.” Or “ya habibi,” which The Countess taught us means “darling.” And speaking of Bravo TV and storms, it’s time for me to close out July and watch last night’s Real Housewives of New York before the haboob roles in and I settle in for 6 hours of women’s gymnastics.

I’ll give you more pictures in August, ya habibi.

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June 27th, 2012

Fairy Dust


“Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.”

Well, friends, when I first took this picture, I had intended to write to you about how maybe when Alice finds herself stuck in a rabbit hole, she needs to seek out new heroes. And what better hero to lift you out of a hole than one who can fly? But now I’m torn, dear friends, for it turns out that freebird Peter was something of a fool. I fear that for too long, I’ve been under Peter’s attractive spell. I embraced his tenacity, his bravado, and, of course, his mission to never grow up. So, I decided to read his story with my open, not-grown-up eyes to see what lessons he had for this little Alice.

And here’s what I’ve learned thus far: Wendy was the talent! Peter came to Wendy (not the other way around), because she could tell stories and sew on his careless shadow. She was a shiny commodity to show off to his lost boys, and he took credit for whatever she did. And let’s not forget that he couldn’t even fly without Tinkerbell’s fairy dust. Sure, he had youth and confidence on his side, but with it came reckless, irresponsible behavior and a lack of concern for the women who supported him. So….perhaps I’ve misread the tale all along. Perhaps Peter Pan is actually a cautionary, feminist text? And while at first disappointed in my former inspiration, perhaps I have found a new hero.

Here’s to Wendy & Tinkerbell!

Let’s fly!

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