August 16th, 2011

Something Old, Something New


Well, it’s that time of year again, Nashville. We’ve been through many years with The Scene’s annual Best of Nashville Reader’s Poll, and you’ve shown us lots of sometimes appropriate and sometimes bizarre love. In 2007, you named us the Best New Retail when we were the new kids on the 12South block, and the praise didn’t stop there. We’ve been everything from Best Men’s and Best Women’s Boutique to Best Place to Meet Single Women AND Best Place to Meet Single Men. Last year, we made a play for Best Place to Shoot Pool, but, alas, no such luck. So, here’s what Nashville: this year we’re trying a new approach. There are a lot of local faves asking for and worthy of your vote, but we’re no longer campaigning. We’re just going to give you the tools:

Go there. Exercise your freedom of choice. Sing the praise of all the local businesses that make up this community we call home (we’d list our favorites here, but instead we’re just going to go vote!). And who knows! Maybe, come October, we’ll celebrate together by clearing off that pool table and letting it fulfill its purpose in life.

So, that’s the 2011 campaign, Nashville: freedom of choice.


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May 4th, 2011

The Little Guys


With all the hoopla surrounding some of the big event items in our store (shoes direct from Paris, dresses direct from London, jewelry direct from Portland, and shirts that heal Japan), sometimes we forget about the darling little guys, like this cropped whale tee, who populate our racks. Well, one girl who never overlooks the little guys is our resident baby and toddler expert, our dear friend Maggie.

Maggie is the beauty, brains, and brilliance behind Tweed Baby Outfitters in Edgehill Village. We outfit her in adult-sized clothes, and we highly recommend her darling shop for anyone living in or gifting in the baby arena. Truth be told, Rachel finds it difficult to leave Tweed empty-handed. But then again, adults who live in a 2L Wonderland make no objection to eating their morning cereal out of baby-sized bowls.

So, join us all for the simple pleasures that we offer. We’ll put bunnies and whales on your t-shirts, and Tweed ( will make your babies as fashionable as you are!

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May 24th, 2010

He’s the Top!


Between Stephen’s college graduation and Arnold’s upcoming stint on Top Chef, Rachel’s heart is swelling with what she can only compare to maternal pride. Arnold Myint has been a forever friend to 2L, and while we’ve been at his side to support his any & all endeavors, this one is surely the most glamorous. As such, we’d like to do everything in our power to secure a win. We already know his food is amazing (PM, Cha Chah, Suzy Wong’s), so now we’re on a mission to get him voted Fan Favorite. Join us in this mission by watching him Wednesday nights on Bravo, voting him Fan Favorite, and joining his Facebook group “Vote Arnold for Fan Favorite.”

And forgive us in advance; we envision a summer of Arnold obsession!

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March 25th, 2010

Love, Gwyneth


We never know who may pass through our doors, famous or otherwise. Gwyneth Paltrow made a list of all her favorite places in Nashville, and she gave us a special mention! Check out the full article in her Go section of

Oooh, and fingers crossed she comes to our full day of shows Saturday, April 3. We’ll be pumping you with more details, but for now plan to be here all afternoon, because the line-up includes Ricky Braddy, Alvin Love, Ben Schofield, Erin Manning, and the kids from Academy of Rock.

Thanks again, G!


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March 4th, 2010

Queen Alice


Seeing this season’s most-anticipated movie is one thing, but seeing it with a piece from the Tarina Tarantino Queen Alice collection sparkling around your neck is quite another. We don’t care if those theatres are dark; we still dress in theme.

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