April 2nd, 2010

Spring for Saturday


Oh, friends, Saturday is the day! We have new Steven Alan for boys & girls, new Wildfox, and the new 2L exclusive tees that we’re super excited about! We’ll be tweeting you details and t-shirt pics, so be sure to follow us @twoellerabbits.

And the music! Live music all day long plus treats from Whole Foods and Easter Egg painting at Popo in the morning.

So, yeah, Saturday is going to rock….

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March 31st, 2010

You Say It’s Your Birthday?


Two Elle friend & fan Steve Cohen celebrates his birthday today. Steve’s kids from Nashville Academy of Rock take the 2L stage at 2 PM this Saturday, so lucky Steve gets to spend his birthday going over show details with Rachel. And just so that you all feel like you’re part of the celebration, here’s the plan for this Saturday:

2 PM Nashville Academy of Rock

3 PM Erin Manning

4 PM Ben Schofield

5 PM Ricky Braddy

6 PM Alvin Love

It’ll be a full day of music & new spring clothes. Oooh, and from 11-1 PM Popo will be doing Easter Egg painting!

Happy Birthday, Steve, and a happy Saturday for all of us!

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March 3rd, 2010

Are You Ready?


Unless you’ve left Tweedle Dum in charge of your social agenda this spring, you’ve probably heard about a little movie Tim Burton’s been working on. As if Two Elle isn’t Alice-heavy enough, we’ll be prepping the store for all things Wonderland in honor of the Friday movie release. Perhaps there will be special promotions, perhaps a flash of your Cheshire grin (or your ticket stub) will get you a special treat, or perhaps you’ll just indulge us as we revel in what was once a literary construction but is now a bona fide 2L icon.

And just a warning: if you’re planning to follow that White Rabbit, we suggest you follow us as well @twoellerabbits.

It’s never too late….

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February 25th, 2010

Bye Bye, Birthday!


Well, I’ve stretched this birthday for as long as I possibly can, but I think it’s finally time to erase the board and welcome the new age. It was a lovely, festive birthday week. I got so many visits and messages from across the country, gifts both heartfelt and thoughtful, a dinner at PM with my 2L bunnies, and an excuse to wear neon green chucks throughout. Thanks to all of you who made my birthday special and who made me want to keep it going & going!

xoxo, rachel

And the sting of birthday being over isn’t nearly as bad given that we have a store full of new pretty things to distract me!

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February 19th, 2010

Birthday Chucks




In 2008, it was Marc Jacobs clown tees. In 2009, it was a flashing pink ring courtesy of Kristin. And in 2010, it’s the neon green Chuck Taylor hi-top. Yes, I’m someone who likes to celebrate my birthday with a fashion statement. But here’s the thing: I certainly don’t like to celebrate alone, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a much better gift-giver than gift-receiver. So, MY birthday gift to YOU is $5 off these neon green Chucks, both for men and women, throughout my entire birthday weekend! It’s birthday present enough for me to spend my day with my little birthday bunnies, Becca, Ricky, & Stephen, but this way you can join us!

And although I love spending my birthday each year with my own little 2L family, I can’t help but miss the Chucks on the feet of my family spread across the country, whether it’s Adam’s enamel blue, Mikey’s white hi-tops (I promise I’ll put them in the mail!), Danny’s entire Spring 2010 line-up (again, the mail thing), my mom’s buttercup yellow, or my dad’s Varvatos slip-ons. Today, I’m supposed to celebrate the day I was brought into this world, but these birthdays wouldn’t be worth celebrating if it weren’t for the family, both 2L & blood, that celebrates with me.

Happy Birthday to us all!

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