November 8th, 2011

Here….for Now


Dearest friends, family, and loyal followers:

Once upon a time, a girl had an idea. She envisioned a wonderland where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds could come together. She began this journey in a small house with a red door on 12South. While there, she met many of you, shared many joyous walks through the neighborhood, and collected treasured moments. Then, in 2009 she moved her wonderland to The Hill Center. There were new treasured moments, new red doors, and new cherished family and friends whose impact have further defined and personalized what this journey is all about. Now, after Christmas this wonderland will close its doors.

We will officially begin our close-out sale on Black Friday. Surely, there will be deals, but our bunny and Nashville shirts and sweatshirts will not be marked down. They are now becoming collector’s items and are already quickly selling out. We also encourage you to ask us about our furniture and fixtures. Perhaps you can now create a little wonderland in your own home.

And so, as is the case in all good stories, this chapter has come to an end. The girl will crawl out of the rabbit hole and press on to her next adventure. Your kindness, support, admiration, and compassion will inspire each step we take through the looking-glass and beyond. For that, we cannot thank you enough.

It’s been a lovely fall, bunnies, but the time has come to say goodnight.

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August 2nd, 2011

Back-to-School: Our New Favorite Holiday


Sure, at some point in here we’ve probably claimed that Black Friday is our favorite holiday, but here’s what, Nashville: Tax-Free Weekend celebrates shopping AND school! It is therefore our ultimate favorite holiday. Starting this Friday and running until Sunday night, you won’t pay any sales tax on apparel under $100. And unlike our friends and neighbors, we offer you ONLY apparel under $100, so everything in the store is tax-free. And yes, of course we have Nashville and bunny shirts in new colors to celebrate the holiday. And yes, of course we have summer items on sale. And yes, of course our A/C is cranked up. And yes, of course we printed bunnies on backpacks.

See you this weekend!

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July 27th, 2011

Movie Night


Although this summer has been more about the small than the big screen, we are of course movie-lovers here in Wonderland. So, when asked to join our Hill Center comrades Billy Reid, H. Audrey, and Cosmetic Market in raising money for the Belcourt, we had no choice but to jump in.

So, here’s the party plan:

This Wednesday, July 27, starting at 5:30, the nD festival will come to life at the Hill Center. You can purchase tickets for $10 at Billy Reid, and there will be treats and festivities at all participating stores. Rumor has it we’ll be home to the Yazoo and veggie display (something for everyone!). So, come celebrate cinema with us, but be sure to shop, too, because at the end of the night, we’ll all be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Belcourt.

Let’s go to the movies, Nashville!

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March 27th, 2011

Nash Fash


Fashionistas far and wide are buzzing with excitement over this week’s first ever Nashville Fashion Week. This is a week that’s all about celebrating our local fashion scene. What better way to do that than to sport our very own custom Nashville tees? We’re currently hosting our widest selection ever, but they’ve been selling out faster than we can design them! Click on More Pictures to see the styles our mannequins have chosen, the men’s options, the grey v-neck that started it all, and the shirt that News Channel 5 chose to feature in their article about Nashville Fashion Week. Oh, and as if supporting both local fashion and local business weren’t enough, a portion of the proceeds from the pink shirt in the bottom left corner benefit breast cancer awareness. So many causes, so many shirts, and only 7 days in this fashion-infused week!

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February 6th, 2011

The Big Day


Friends, when the Super Bowl rolls around, we’ll be the first to admit that we are devastatingly out of our league. Luckily there is a league that we call home, and tomorrow the obvious MVP of that league celebrates his birthday.

Here’s the thing, Nashville: we as a city don’t host an NBA team. We do, however, call ourselves by the name of one NBA MVP. So, logic dictates that by name alone we should throw all our support to Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns. It makes perfect sense to us, and it should to you, too.

So, sport that Nash-ville sweatshirt or tee, tune in to NBATV to cheer for the Suns Monday night, and join us in wishing our dear Steve a happy birthday!

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