May 9th, 2011

Say Hello


Well, we keep wanting to give a shout out to our new men’s additions and tell you about how our men’s Bensimons are here or how great the Life After Denim spring line is, but somehow our ladies keep stealing the spotlight. Perhaps it’s because they’re just that cute.

There isn’t much to say about our new Tarina Tarantino Pink Head collection, though. These little kitties speak for themselves….

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May 6th, 2011

Just Say It


Although I’m a fairly verbose girl, Mother’s Day presents a particular challenge, as I find that there are never enough words to express just how much I adore my mother. Luckily for me, this year Betsy & Iya has come to my rescue with their universal love necklace. On it you’ll find the words “I love you” in as many languages as can fit on a giant bronze heart. We only have a couple left, though, so if you’re having trouble finding the right words for your mom this weekend, we suggest getting here before the Mother’s Day shopping frenzy takes over!

And to my own mother, I may not speak as many languages as the Betsy & Iya heart, but in every one I know, te amo.

xoxo, rachel

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May 4th, 2011

The Little Guys


With all the hoopla surrounding some of the big event items in our store (shoes direct from Paris, dresses direct from London, jewelry direct from Portland, and shirts that heal Japan), sometimes we forget about the darling little guys, like this cropped whale tee, who populate our racks. Well, one girl who never overlooks the little guys is our resident baby and toddler expert, our dear friend Maggie.

Maggie is the beauty, brains, and brilliance behind Tweed Baby Outfitters in Edgehill Village. We outfit her in adult-sized clothes, and we highly recommend her darling shop for anyone living in or gifting in the baby arena. Truth be told, Rachel finds it difficult to leave Tweed empty-handed. But then again, adults who live in a 2L Wonderland make no objection to eating their morning cereal out of baby-sized bowls.

So, join us all for the simple pleasures that we offer. We’ll put bunnies and whales on your t-shirts, and Tweed ( will make your babies as fashionable as you are!

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April 29th, 2011



Need we say more?

The long-awaited day is here! Bensimons have taken to the 2L stage. And Rachel already claimed a pair of apple green (their official color name is “pomme”) ballerina flats for herself, so you should probably get here soon before she grabs more.

And P.S. we’re loving the French words that now adorn our chalkboards. Bensimon is making us pretty and teaching us, too!

See More Pictures

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April 22nd, 2011

We Love The Way You Love Us


When Jill and her friends headed to Antique Week in Roundtop, TX, they of course needed matching outfits. They wanted to play dress up for the prom-themed night while still representing their roots. So, 2L Nashville tees did the trick for all of them! And little did they know that their tutus were a long-standing 2L tradition as well!

Thanks, Jill, for letting us share in your Nashville moment. And let this be a challenge to the rest of our dear customers; send us your 2L pics, and you may end up on the blog, too!

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