December 11th, 2011

Sunday B & B


As we prepare to Bid our aBode farewell, we’re going Back to Basics. With But 2 weeks left Before goodBye, I’m engaging in my own celebration of my favorite things. This Sunday celebrates my favorites in a classic B&B: Books & Becca.

As the road Begins to Bend, we Better appreciate our Basics. For me, Books have always functioned as something of a Ballet Barre. They Bring me Back. They remind me who I am. And they show me the way to move on. Becca, a Balanced combination of Beauty and Brains, has Begun to function like a Ballet Barre herself. Although she entered my life as a Barista, her powers of inspiration and compassion far exceed anything a soy latte could conjure. This journey would Be significantly less meaningful and less personally successful without this B standing By my side, encouraging me to Be Brave and Be Better. In short, Becca has Become a Basic.

So, this Sunday, join us in celebrating the Basics that make Two Elle what it is. You can Buy the Books, but noBody’s taking my lil B!

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December 5th, 2011

The Long Goodbye


You heard it here first; Beatrice has left the building.

Like all of us will be soon, she has found a new home (and rest-assured, dear friends, that it’s a good home). Regardless of the circumstance, it was a sad goodbye.

Things are moving fast, and racks are rolling out of the store on a daily basis. The $10 bins are becoming empty, the mannequins are finding new homes, and bit by bit the pieces that defined our space are lining the shelves of your own homes.

Who will we say goodbye to next? Our bet is Chester. He came to us in the fall of 2009 straight from Mitchell Gold. He’s an 80″, distressed leather moment of luxury, and he could be yours for $3500. Come visit him, or email with any questions.

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