Rachel, President

Rachel has played many roles in life and been called many things. High school classmates called her “Most Likely to Conquer the World.” The Scene’s Jim Ridley called her “three parts Amelie to two parts Juno.” But we just call her our fearless leader, kicking around in a pair of Chucks (because she has so many) and sipping on an iced americano. Rachel’s twisted path began as she departed Phoenix, home of the Suns, to be a Yale freshman. After winding her way down I-95, Rachel arrived in New York to flirt with musical theatre, write an unfinished book, and pick up a degree in English from Columbia University. Since law school was the next step, Rachel traded in her view from the 28th floor for the rolling, green hills of Nashville, ready to take the South by storm as a 1L (first year law student). After a year of black suits and heavy law books (which now adorn the store’s shelves), she began to yearn for a creative outlet. She therefore created a different version of 2L year for herself by opening Two Elle, a boutique store that would bring pieces of her eclectic background from New York and beyond to Nashville. While still maintaining ties to all things urban, she has assembled a special Nashville family, and together they now call Two Elle home.

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