May 15th, 2015

Challenge Accepted

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Artists Facebook Challenge: Post a picture for five days from your artistic career, each day nominating three other artists to do the same.

Day 1:

This morning, Amanda Paytas Stevens nominated me for this. I was honored first that anyone would consider me an “artist,” but secondly that the nomination came from my childhood musical theatre co-pilot. I am currently resisting every urge to make this about her. My guess is that I cave tomorrow.

My early childhood involved perpetual singing, dancing, and cartwheeling in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places. I was first put to the stage in 1986 as this pint-sized Mary Poppins and a year later as a far wiser but equally tiny Liesl in Phoenix Country Day School class productions. {Costume credit goes entirely to my very talented mother, even though our little Austrian teen looks more Pocahontas.} Being on stage felt more safe and natural than perhaps anything I will ever know.

A classmate’s mom noticed that this shy little math nerd morphed when in front of a crowd, so she took me to the Greasepaint Scottsdale Youtheatre production of Wizard of Oz. It was a simple Saturday afternoon that probably changed my life, and I don’t know that I’ve ever admitted that it wasn’t all my idea. Stay tuned tomorrow for tales of yellow bricks and painted faces and the wonderland governed by our wizard, Wendy Leonard.

For Day 1 nominations, I’m starting at the end with Taylor Woody Thompson, Sarah Rhodes, and Sara Beth Longenecker. These women remind me that art is a daily affliction that takes many forms throughout a life, a lesson I’ve had to learn and accept. Cheers, ladies. You inspire me from afar and challenge me to claim my rightful creative spot!

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