January 23rd, 2014

Sure, I’ll Be a Beautiful Mess


It started innocently enough, as most things do. It was a Thursday, and my dear friend Sarah Rhodes and I were long overdue for a friend date. I don’t use the word “dear” lightly. Sarah occupies a very special place in my heart. She first came into my world on 12South, where she made me coffee at Frothy Monkey, visited the porch swing at our magic house of a store, and looked a little something like this in our original two elle tee:


By some incredible stroke of luck, she and her husband Josh chose to make Phoenix their new home at roughly the same time I did, and they’ve been a source of strength, connection, and Southern comfort on this journey. You can read more about her at www.arrowandapple.com, but for now, just trust that she’s a creative dear and an inspiration.

So, when she suggested we try Nami, a vegan pastry shop in Phoenix, and promised dairy-free frozen yogurt, I was there.


Here’s what: ask me to go here any time. I will say yes.

It was a beautiful yet bittersweet afternoon, because Sarah and Josh will soon be relocating for a new job. Sarah will be working for A Beautiful Mess, and that, friends, creates trouble for you and me! As many of you know, I’m an outrageously loyal friend. When Sarah told me about the A Beautiful Mess iphone app, loyalty dictated that I immediately purchase it.

It turns out that one can use this app to create little “outfit of the day” collages, which means that I’ve learned a new trick! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@twoellerachel), you already know that while Sarah prepares for bigger and brighter things, Rachel has been making some beautiful messes.


This particular mess is a Marc Jacobs Paris hat, a Kate Spade silver linings necklace, a J.Crew top, Madewell heart pants (ok, pajamas….sleep meets street!), and Nike Sky Hi Air Revolutions.


And this mess: Marc Jacobs beanie, Crewcuts dress (yes, we wear sundresses in January in Arizona), charcoal Chucks, Tarina Tarantino heart bracelet, and my own Rainbow Loom creations. Obvi.

Sarah, my red-headed heart, I will miss you dearly, but thank you for leaving me with this beautiful mess to play with!


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