January 8th, 2014



It’s been a year.

My tree has fallen in the forest.

It’s possible that no one heard it.

It is a series of both unfortunate and inspiring events that has me making noise again. Oddly enough, it was a 12-year-old holiday visitor named Isabella who knocked me out of my confused, 30-something slumber. She loved looking at pictures of the store. She understood none of my 90s references. She was shocked that I drank straight espresso. We had the same taste in fashion (but not music…..she doesn’t like Ke$ha????). She asked me to take her shopping. She wanted me to tell her everything I knew about makeup and was floored by the volumes of knowledge I unloaded upon her. But, perhaps most importantly, she encouraged me to tell my story.

So, with Isabella’s enthusiasm still ringing in my ears, I had to stop being quiet. Sure, I’ve been dropping pithy sweet nothings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@twoellerachel), but it’s time for this once-and-future fashionista to crawl out of the rabbit hole, pick up the pieces, and try to make some relative sense of this definite wonderland.

It’s a new day.

I will make things. I will say things. And I will try not to go silent again.

You ready to keep bouncing, bunnies?

I’m yelling, “Timber!”

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