September 23rd, 2011

The Big Chill


Yep, you can feel it in the air. It’s definitely fall, which means we’re definitely in layers. Chaser is our new best friend, but we suggest getting here soon, because they go fast. And boys, we have a brand new shipment all for you! Feel that chill, Nashville; we love it.

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September 11th, 2011

I Still Heart


Sorry, friends. Everyone seems to have something to say about today, but for once I don’t have the words. I’ll just let my mannequins do the talking for me.

xoxo, rachel

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September 9th, 2011

California State of Mind


Well, the gloom and doom of the past few days seems to have gotten to our mannequins. When our new Chaser shipment arrived, they overlooked the Journey, Grateful Dead, Cheap Trick, and Nirvana in favor of something from a sunnier state. Perhaps they’re hoping their choice can function as something of a sun dance, or perhaps they’re just wondering when Danny and Britten are going to get 2L L.A. up and running. Either way, it seems 2L Nashville is currently celebrating the sunshine state.

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September 6th, 2011

Just Do It


We’re a subtle bunch over here. But seriously, just go here & do it:

And vote for all of your local faves. And do it as many times as you want. But you only have until Mexican Independence Day. That’s September 16. Obviously. So, do it now.


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September 1st, 2011

Help Us Feed


Friends, this fall we’re striving to make the world a better place, and you can join us in the movement! We’ll be stocking a number of world-friendly products, and these are the first in the series. A purchase of this $40 white FEED tote bag (which comes with a drawstring burlap pouch) provides 10 school meals for children around the world. The $48 FEED plaid scarf provides 10 school meals to children in Kenya, and the $58 FEED Love bag provides 25 school meals to children in areas with high HIV/AIDS rates. These are all great causes, and they’re only the first in this 2L movement. So, we hope you’ll join us as we try to help people around us while looking fabulous at the same time!


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