July 16th, 2011

Horse Play


Friends, we’ve been experiencing a problem with our Emily & Fin dresses, namely that they sell out too fast for us to blog about them. This rodeo ditty was one of our favorites, so even though it’s no longer on our racks, we had to give it the spotlight a little longer. Our dear friend Becky, who has left us for Boston, sent us this shot of her 2L head-to-toe look, and we are, of course, terribly proud of the styling.

We still have plenty of brand new Emily & Fins (the navy polka dot, the floral summer dresses; should I keep going?). So, come by and grab your fave, style it like Becky (or better yet, like YOU), send the pic to info@twoelle.com, and you could one day find yourself a 2L celeb!

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