July 27th, 2011

Movie Night


Although this summer has been more about the small than the big screen, we are of course movie-lovers here in Wonderland. So, when asked to join our Hill Center comrades Billy Reid, H. Audrey, and Cosmetic Market in raising money for the Belcourt, we had no choice but to jump in.

So, here’s the party plan:

This Wednesday, July 27, starting at 5:30, the nD festival will come to life at the Hill Center. You can purchase tickets for $10 at Billy Reid, and there will be treats and festivities at all participating stores. Rumor has it we’ll be home to the Yazoo and veggie display (something for everyone!). So, come celebrate cinema with us, but be sure to shop, too, because at the end of the night, we’ll all be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Belcourt.

Let’s go to the movies, Nashville!

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July 21st, 2011

Return 2R Roots


Despite the variety of options, lately many of you have been gravitating toward the original 2L tee, the one made popular by a certain Pico vs. Island Trees frontman and the one currently seen on Biggest Loser Runner-Up Hannah (who’s actually quite lovely!). So, I decided to dig deep into my closet through my collection of 2L tees past, and there it was. At the very bottom of the pile, under the countless Nashville tees and even under The Suspenders, the Gingles, and the Lil B, there was the original: the “I bunny 2L.” It debuted at the 12South Grand Opening in 2007, took in a couple Thursday night Vanderbilt law reviews on Demonbreun, and resurfaced for our 1-Year birthday party before finding a resting spot at the bottom of the 2L tees pile.

So, this search brings me to tonight’s poll question:


Tweet me your response @twoellerabbits or @twoellerachel, write it on my Facebook wall at Twoelle Rabbits, leave it here in the comments, or if you’re really craving live interaction, call us at 615-269-9954 or come chat with us live at The Hill Center. And yes, maybe I’ve been watching a little too much Andy Cohen and Summer by Bravo. Mazel!

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July 16th, 2011

Horse Play


Friends, we’ve been experiencing a problem with our Emily & Fin dresses, namely that they sell out too fast for us to blog about them. This rodeo ditty was one of our favorites, so even though it’s no longer on our racks, we had to give it the spotlight a little longer. Our dear friend Becky, who has left us for Boston, sent us this shot of her 2L head-to-toe look, and we are, of course, terribly proud of the styling.

We still have plenty of brand new Emily & Fins (the navy polka dot, the floral summer dresses; should I keep going?). So, come by and grab your fave, style it like Becky (or better yet, like YOU), send the pic to info@twoelle.com, and you could one day find yourself a 2L celeb!

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July 9th, 2011

Introducing MJ


Because we’ve been talking about birthdays and family and love, now seems like the perfect time to introduce the newest, tiniest 2L bunny: Margaret Jane.

Once upon a time, in a city known as Manhattan, Rachel and BFF Nancy shared an Upper East Side apartment. Eventually, as most young girls do, they grew up, covered the nation, stayed in each other’s hearts, and began to create families of their own. While Rachel has a proverbial family of wonderland bunnies, Nancy and her husband Matt welcomed this darling little lady into the world this May. She may be new to the world, but rest assured that with an “aunt” like Rachel, this little MJ will always be fabulously attired.

And while we’re on the subject of new family members, check out Mary Grace in The Family section under our About tab. Little MJ may be too small to hold a hanger, but MG is settling into this 2L family beautifully.

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July 2nd, 2011

A Birthday Blog


What do you get for the boy who has everything?

I already got him that towel with a human outline so that your top parts never touch your bottom parts, and he already has the cute little dog and every color of Converse ever manufactured. So, I’m left with no choice but to give him the most coveted gift of all: a mention on the 2L blog.

OK, in truth, this is of very little honor to him. He concepted, designed, and taught me how to use the blog, and he even has his own password, so really he could have written all of this himself. So, I’m turning to you, my loyal blog readers, especially the celebrities (I’m looking at you, GP!), to make his birthday a special one.


Let’s blow up his twitter so that his phone is chirping with birthday love all day long! And here’s an added incentive: whoever delivers the best Danny birthday tweet will win a piece of 2L-exclusive couture (Couture? Am I using that word right? Would that Alexis Bellino could help me out. Maybe she’ll tweet Danny!).

Ready, set, go! Tweet @dlowe72 birthday love all day long!!!!

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