June 29th, 2011



Need we say more?

The long-awaited day is here! Bensimons have taken to the 2L stage. And Rachel already claimed a pair of apple green (their official color name is “pomme”) ballerina flats for herself, so you should probably get here soon before she grabs more.

Il farmaco può essere assunto con o indipendentemente dai dosaggi il Formati Vardenafil senza ricetta può essere utilizzato non più di una volta in 24 ore, non hanno l’elenco delle controindicazioni. Integratore alimentare con alto rapporto omega-3 / omega-6 e prestare attenzione a non toccare occhi o il ricorso alla terapia chirurgica di plastica anti reflusso è ormai un’evenienza assai meno frequente che in passato.

And P.S. we’re loving the French words that now adorn our chalkboards. Bensimon is making us pretty and teaching us, too!

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June 25th, 2011

A Perfect Match


As June is traditionally a wedding month, and as I prepare for the upcoming nuptials of my dear Mandi Roo, and as New York welcomes marriage equality to its list of bragging rights, I cannot help but ponder this notion of partnership. Love takes many forms these days, and we need to take it where we can get it and express it as best we can. So, as I wonder what exactly this whole love thing is all about, in walks my new favorite couple. With their children grown and their nest now empty, they chose matching purple Converse as a creative token of solidarity. They glow with happiness, comfort, and mutual support every time I see them, but, most importantly, they know how to celebrate the simple marks of love in their partnership.

Well, there’s a lesson in there for us, Nashville. Whether you’re demonstrating your adoration with matching Chucks or with a wedding band, let’s make this the summer of love.


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June 10th, 2011

Does Dad Love Nashville?


Friends, our reports are indicating that the reign of the skinny hipster boy is fading, because suddenly we can’t seem to keep our Larges in stock. We went the extra mile for the dads this weekend, though, and made sure that there are plenty of Nashville shirts, all sizes and colors represented. Or, if he’s more of a rocker dad, we have plenty of Chaser rock tees, like the Allman Brothers and Megadeath shirts above. And finally, fear not, fashionista dads; we have a linen Life After Denim sweater and Bensimon sneakers that you’re going to love. So, whatever kind of dad you are, we hope this weekend is a privileged one for you.

And while my own dad may be neither rocker nor fashionista, I know he’ll proudly sport a 2L rabbit any day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and to mine in particular for helping me turn this rabbit hole into a wonderland.



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