April 10th, 2011

En route…



While our sights remain focused on helping Japan with our Jedidiah tees, we couldn’t keep the secret any longer: within the week we will be receiving our first shipment of Bensimon sneakers for men and women! If you knew Rachel at all during the summer and fall of 2010, you know that Paris was the only word on her mind. First, it was about preparing for Paris, then it was being in Paris, and for perhaps too long, it was about pretending she was still in Paris. While there, she discovered that although many Parisian feet were chucked, far more chic Parisians sported Bensimon sneakers. Rachel snatched up a couple pairs for herself, but when she returned to the states, the fates aligned, and Bensimon had found Two Elle on their own. Now, months later, Rachel still has Paris on the brain and has found a way to bring pieces of it home. So, prepare your feet, Nashville, because the Bensimons arrive within the week, and then we’ll all be tres chic!

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