April 9th, 2011

Healing With One T-Shirt at a Time


There are so many spring flings that we’ll be telling you about over the next week (think new cheapest essay writing service jewelry, new shoes, new lots of things!). For now, though, we’re most concerned with doing what we can to help Japan in this time of need. Rachel is doing her part with the I Heart Japan tee. Ricky has the men’s grey Island tee, but we only have 2 left! There are still 2 styles for men and 3 for women, and remember that Jedidiah is donating $5 from each $30 shirt to World Vision Japan Disaster Relief. Come by, and we’ll help you help them!


Posted at 3:14 pm by rachel in: Clothes, The Family

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Grace

    I love this shirt sooo much! Japan is like my favoriteeee country! I even speak japanese! but when I heard about the disaster I really wanted to help. and even donating a little bit of money can still make a big differance so I am stopping by the store today to get me one!

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