September 18th, 2010

Today I Wear White


On a white day, we take a moment for quiet reflection. We think of the times that have passed and those that are still to come. We cleanse, we purify, and we seek to do better than we’ve done.

For me, a day of white reflection brings me closer to my family. In a time of twists and turns, I am blessed with a family whose love and support is constant and strong. I built this wonderland to bring joy to my fellow travelers, and I am so pleased that my family has given me the opportunity to share that joy with them. Likewise, this has been a year in which a dream team emerged in the 2L staff. Stephen, Ricky, and Becca make work days a pleasure and keep me from taking days off simply because I want to see them. Thank you, day of white, for reminding me who my loved ones are, what my wonderland is, and how to find my smile everyday.

Today, I wear white.

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1 Comment

  1. MaryL

    Dearest Rachel, how fitting your words are on this most blessed day of white. We missed you and your family at Jeff’s & Courtney’s (your newest cousin) wedding Saturday. Houston’s rains held out so that Jeff and Courtney could enjoy a glorious Wedding with the families now becoming Family as our roots keep reaching out in all directions becoming one big family. Will’s would probably follow in a year or so and it would be great if you could make it down to South Texas. Love you, Aunt Mary

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