February 18th, 2010

For the Chuckster on the Go


Yes, friends, the contest is still on, and we’re not afraid to drop the hint that the stakes have gotten a tad higher. For now, click on the Converse tab to your right to refresh yourself on the rules and your competition. And now is the perfect time to enter, because we’ve started to receive new spring shoes and Converse by John Varvatos clothing for men, so you can put your $10 coupon to good use!

So, behold; we ring in spring with one of our personal favorites: Nashville stylist Amber Lehman. She makes others look beautiful in our clothes and somehow manages to impress us with her own beauty, both inside and out, every time she visits! And PS she’s wearing our sunglasses in the picture, too!


This summer, my chucks took me to Istanbul, Turkey. When I was packing, I said, “Self, you need to pick one pair of shoes that will match everything, but will be comfortable exploring 10 hours a day. You’re on the clock, Self, what’s it gonna be?” In no time, my reply was, “Of course, my black and white plaid Chucks that I got at 2L! I mean, black and white plaid, that matches everything, right?” Right. So, I wore those suckers all over Istanbul this summer for a wonderful six days of non-stop exploration.

The pic is of me and my friend Caroline with the Istanbul guide book glued to my hand like it’s my job. I didn’t want me or my Chucks to miss a single thing!

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