January 19th, 2010

His Favorite Day of the Year


Friends, any of you who know Danny know that he is a Converse man to a fault! As such, he eagerly awaits market season so that he can catch up with the Converse by John Varvatos team, check out what’s new and improved in the line, and, of course, make nice with the people who truly understand him….the mannequins. And why shouldn’t he enjoy a little one-on-one time with them? They’re perfectly styled, certainly not as clever as he, and they’re always willing to give him the clothes off their back. It’s a rare moment, once a season, that Danny gets to stand in such good company.

And if you, like Danny, want to stand out among your own crowd of mindless friends, impress them by winning our Converse Contest. Not familiar? Click on the Converse tab under the categories on your right to read about the contest and view the front-runners thus far. There’s still time to qualify for the $10 gift card, so we recommend acting fast before Danny gets witty with his mannequin buddies and submits an entry that blows away the competition.

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January 18th, 2010

Kicking Off the Competition


Before many of you even had a chance to finish reading the rules of our Converse Contest, we received this submission that combined 3 of Rachel’s favorite things: Converse, Betsey Johnson, and TAYLOR! …


My chucks walked me right into 2010! On New Year’s Eve I posted a twitpic with the caption, “Nothing feels sexier than my chucks.” And it’s true! I never feel more “me” than when I wear these bad boys — whether it’s with a dress, or jeans — or jeans AND a dress (yeah, I break the rules!). Love me some chucks!

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January 14th, 2010

Where Do Your Chucks Take You?


Rachel’s Journey to the Sunshine:

Last week, my chucks took me home to Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. While Nashville was suffering its worst snow storm yet (what was it? 3 inches of snow?), my brother Mikey and I walked the Mexican tiles of our front yard to snap some pictures of cacti and blue skies. We were on a mission to capture the beauty and spirit of those sunny days, and we then sent those photos to Kristin. Now, whether or not we did this to make her jealous or to warm her heart is entirely unclear, but one thing is certain: a journey home in January is so much sweeter when your home is Arizona.

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January 14th, 2010

Getting Competitive



As often happens in families, we feel the need to start off the new year with a little healthy competition. Because all of us wear chucks, and because we all embark on such creative adventures, we’ve devised a little Converse contest that we like to call “Where Do Your Chucks Take You?” Here’s how to get involved:

1. Take a picture of where your chucks have led you.

2. Write a story explaining the nature of your journey (as short & sweet or as long & dramatic as you choose!).

3. Email your picture as an attachment along with your story to info@twoelle.com.

4. The first 20 submissions will automatically receive a $10 two elle gift card!

5. We will also be selecting our favorite submissions and posting them here on the blog. If chosen, not only will you & your chucks be super famous, but you’ll also receive an additional $10 gift card!

6. At the end of the contest, a grand prize will be awarded. The size and nature of this prize depends on how many submissions we get. The bigger the applicant pool, the bigger the prize! (We’re thinking something like a free pair of chucks for new adventures, parties for entire groups of participants, a spotlight night on our stage for musicians with Converse stories to tell….it could be anything!)┬áSo…..get your friends involved and then reserve bragging rights when you win.

To get this little contest rolling, Rachel will be submitting her most recent Converse journey, but after that, it’s up to you! Oh, and if you don’t have that perfect pair of chucks that will lead you to greatness, it should be fairly obvious where you can get them….

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January 10th, 2010

A Sad Day for Frank…


… is a good day for you! Although he’s been our super star all season, it’s finally time for Frank to retire. As his swan song plays, he took a moment to pose with some other family members who are about to depart. The WeSC green sweater, the Modern Amusement button down, the Steven Alan shirt dress, the Steven Alan floral organic button down, and the WeSC plaid coat have all been marked down, and given their sale price, we imagine they’ll be leaving us soon. Please come by and say your final goodbyes to Frank this week….and maybe pick up some amazing fall finds at low prices while you’re here.

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