January 25th, 2010

Wake Chucks



While I still call Nashvegas home, a tiny town in North Carolina called Winston-Salem (more affectionately known as “The Dash”) is where I spend most of my year as a college student at Wake Forest University. Upon first introduction, I am not what would appear to be a stereotypical sorority girl. However, second semester of my freshman year, surprisingly, one called my name, and I became a member of the Rah Rah-ing, girl bonding, chuck wearing sisterhood. My ears instantly perked up when I heard about the tradition. Stemming from the local sororities that used to dominate Wake’s campus, all girls affiliated with Greek life wear Chuck Taylors in their sorority’s colors with writing on the toes. On bid day, I laced up my new navy blue chucks, scribbled on the toes, and trembled with the fear that I wouldn’t find my place amongst the Glamazons I was now forced to call my “sisters.” Since then my Converses have turned a rather unfortunate shade of purply-gray after a much regretted splash in a fraternity pool but that doesn’t make them any less comfortable. They’ve seen their fair share of late night dance parties, early morning study sessions and treks across the mud-filled quad with girls who I’d mistakenly thought were so intimidating. My old faded blue chucks have taken me on a three year journey of higher education outside of the classroom — I’m just hoping they make it to graduation without disintegrating!

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