December 7th, 2009

Study Break


For many of you, this time of year is about holiday shopping and the accompanying fa la la, but for a proud and mighty sect, mid-December conjures notions of an entirely different beast: FINALS. As Littlest Lowe Adam tackles his first round of finals as a college freshman at RISD, Eldest Lowe Rachel recalls what got her through her many rounds of finals: lengthy and frequent shopping breaks.

Thankfully, students one and all, two elle is here to provide such breaks to those in need of a touch of fashion with their finals. We’ll keep you warm, keep you styled despite sleep deprivation, and find you that “lucky outfit” that will earn you the perfect score (it worked for Rachel…). And throw in a tale about an all-nighter or teach us something you’ve just crammed into your brain, and we may even kick you a discount to keep your spirits up. The holiday cheer will come soon enough, but for now just know that when the coffee has worn off and you’ve read more books than you can synthesize in a 5-paragraph essay, the 2L bunnies are here for you!

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