September 22nd, 2009

Do you know Jenna & Kellie?


So, Jenna & Kellie are basically the best people in the world, placed in Nashville to make the lives of the two elle rabbits more fun, fabulous, and fret-free. Today is Jenna’s birthday, and because Rachel can’t be there to celebrate, she’ll do the next best thing: go to market for Jenna’s favorite things (Wildfox & Tarina Tarantino) so that she’ll be able to enjoy them come Spring 2010! In the meantime, throw on your Wildfox BFF tee (you have one, right?) or your most flashy Tarina bracelet (the more neon, the better) or your brand new 2L bunny tee (we can hook you up!), and shout out to the world, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNA! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!”

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