July 13th, 2009

Fun-Philled Days!


He’s phairly phamous around these parts, so you’ve probably already heard, but here’s the ophicial word: yes, Phil is the newest member of the 2L team!


Sure, we’re in the middle of the craziest sale known to man, and sure, we’re on the way to building you the best new store you’ve ever seen, but phriends, you know we’re never too busy to have a little phun with words. So, here’s your chance to join in the phrivolity! Submit your phun with phil here:

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  1. d funk master flex

    Phil Nye the Science Guy phrequently phorgets to phlip the laptop open when his phingers dont communicate with his brain. Phor goodness sakes Phil, maybe you need to phocus more on the communication phrom your mind to your phingers. just sayin.

  2. cameron

    phil is cool.

    wait…. did i miss the point?

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