May 29th, 2009

Don’t Believe the Gossip


There’s been a little rumor floating around the store that today is Amanda’s last day. Rachel, however, does not believe it. You have to understand, friends, that Amanda learned to make her first 2L tag the day before the store opened in 2007. She originated the Frothy walks. She purchased the lemonade stand with Rachel. She played with the Converse staff at market in New York. She participated in the original 2L party (which involved an inflatable pool full of t-shirts). She was present for our home-grown 2L in-store holiday photo shoot. She stood by Rachel’s side to open the 10 boxes of baby Converse (mistakes were made). She is the only staff member who has been on filing duty. She watched Rachel get a roller-skating induced concussion outside the store! She dealt with every frustration, every tear, every laugh, every triumph, every season, and every fabulous piece of clothing. So, friends, we refuse to believe the gossip. Amanda will never have a last day.

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