March 20th, 2009

We Love a Party


Friends, April 12 is our birthday (2 years! Can you believe it?), and we OF COURSE want to have a party! Because you have been the reason for our two successful years, we want YOU to be just as involved in its party. So, here’s the plan:


Submit your party ideas here. Whoever comes up with the best, most 2L party idea will be rewarded with prizes that night and will obviously get to enjoy the 2L birthday party of his or her dreams!


Happy party-planning, friends!


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  1. mandi-roo

    I think this year’s birthday party theme should be: TWO ELLE PROM!!! We can hang lights out in the trees and have a punch bowl and refreshments and everyone can come to the store dressed up in lovely formal wear and shop/dance all night!

  2. mandi-roo

    also, we could have a prom king and queen, which would be rewarded to two elle’s number 1 girl customer and number 1 guy customer..not that i know who the girl customer would be or anything..but a tiara would be really cool to wear…

  3. andy-roo

    Since we’ll all be in search of our own rabbit, it could be fun to make the theme ‘Wonderland’.

    Now it’s rather simple, don’t stress,
    Hair ribbon, mary-janes, blue dress.

    Plan to match your tweedle-dee.
    Two’s more fun, you might agree.

    Too little time, too much pressure?
    Stripes & smile, BAM! you’re the cheshire.

    Hearts, Spades, or perhaps a Rose,
    Violets or Daisies, anything goes.

    Come dressed in Red or maybe all White,
    It’s your move, friend, Queen, King, or Knight?

    A crazy cool mad hat, perchance?
    That’ll earn you a second glance!

    So you see, it’s simple, just be clever,
    We’ll shop and celebrate, dance, whatever!

  4. andy-roo

    oh, and as for decorations… chess, cards, tea party, and croquet. with flamingos of course. maybe some curious little bottles marked ‘Drink Me’. or a hookah. Run with it.

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