March 31st, 2009

Outfitting the Cause


Get ready, Vandy; two elle hits your runway tonight!


The fittings are done, the models are prepped, and tonight we’ll be out in all our glory at Vanderbilt’s annual Fashion for a Cause. Doors open at 7 in Vanderbilt’s SLC ballroom, tickets are $10, and a number of stores around town will be participating in the fashion show to benefit Nashville Cares. 


And the fun doesn’t stop there! Bring in your program (because we’ll support anyone who supports the cause!), and shout out the password (CAUSE) to receive a 20% discount on any of the items in the fashion show.

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March 30th, 2009

Help Our Quinn!!!!!!!


Friends, our darling Quinn has entered a contest, and we’d love your help in making him a winner!


The contest is called Name Your Dream Assignment, and with your votes, he will win $50,000 to travel the world to take pictures. Quinn’s dream is to capture the overlooked beauty of the poverty-stricken of the world, and he will give all profits from the photos back to the photographed communities. He is currently ranked #56, and we need to get him into the top 20 by Friday. So, use the link below, and click PIC IT near the top left. Thanks so much, friends! And know that if Quinn is dreaming it up, it will undoubtably make the world a better place!



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March 20th, 2009

We Love a Party


Friends, April 12 is our birthday (2 years! Can you believe it?), and we OF COURSE want to have a party! Because you have been the reason for our two successful years, we want YOU to be just as involved in its party. So, here’s the plan:


Submit your party ideas here. Whoever comes up with the best, most 2L party idea will be rewarded with prizes that night and will obviously get to enjoy the 2L birthday party of his or her dreams!


Happy party-planning, friends!


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March 18th, 2009

This is what your car should look like.


Want the inside of your car to be super awesome like Rachel’s? Here’s what you need:


* a reminder to attend The Nashville 9 concert & premiere tomorrow night, March 19, at the Belcourt (check out, featuring our very own Ross in Kindercastle


* a pair of bright yellow Rubber Duck oversized wayfarers


* the always soulful, always stunning tunes of one Denitia Odigie (also playing tomorrow night at Bosco’s at 9!)


* a brand new, sparkly but subtle Tarina Tarantino star bracelet


And that’s all, folks! Tell us about your cars!

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March 17th, 2009

Go Green for St. Pat


Today, St. Patrick’s Day, is the perfect day to go green! So, if you choose to take your purchase without a bag or tissue, we’ll give you 10% off just for helping to keep our planet green. AND if you make like Barney & Beatrice in these green Built by Wendy numbers, we’ll give you 15% off!


Just say the code word in a soothing, inside voice: G R E E N

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